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These photos were all scanned from somewhat-less-than-high-res laser copies in my real portfolio, with
settings of 100dpi. I don't think any of these have made it into any magazines, but if you
see some shots lying around in some Brazilian or Portugese (or Aussie, or French, etc.) magazine, please
email them to me or their location.
I have a ton more slides and laser copies, so if you want to see them too, email me.
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Ehukai reverse floater, by Hank




Photo: Hank

Backdoor barrel, by Brian Bielmann




Photo: Brian Bielmann

Pipe, by Warren Bolster




Photo: Warren Bolster

Chubby Pipe, by Hank




Photo: Hank

Lightweight Backdoor  
Off the Wall barrel  
Off the Wall front spin  
Off the Wall bottom turn  
Pipe reverse spin  
Waimea shorebreak drop  
Seal Beach pier  
2 Dolphin Street, Seal Beach pix  

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