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Note: These photos have appeared in previous copyrighted publications, and are the property of their respective
copyright holders. I use these pictures because I am the subject therein.
All of the photos on this page were scanned from the actual mag pages in my portfolio. All photos were scanned
at 100dpi.
Click on the thumbnail to see the large version. If you can translate the Japanese, feel free to email the
translation to me.


Sick Waimea Shorebreak This is another view of the same wave in the June, 1997 edition of Bodyboarding Magazine. This picture was taken by Warren Bolster (in my opinion, one of the best photographers to ever grace the world with photos) on Christmas day, 1996. This one appears courtesy of the 1999 Hawaiian Tide and Moon Calendar. The caption reads: "Joel Leo contemplates his next move in heavy Waimea shorebreak."
Floater 360, by Brian Bielmann This sequence was shot at Off The Wall by Brian Bielman, and appears in the premiere issue of Hawaiian X-Treme magazine, a free sports magazine in Hawaii. The shot in the lower left is NOT me ;)
 Waimea Shorebreaks, by Russ Hoover This was Christmas day, 1996 at Waimea Shorebreak and was published in the June, 1997 edition of Bodyboarding Magazine. As I began to paddle into this one, I thought "this looks like fun...."
Off-The-Wall spin, by Gordinho This photo was taken in 1995 by Gordinho at Off-The-Wall, on the North shore. It was published by BB Life (a Japanese bodyboarding magazine) in late 1996.
Insanities aerial, by Manabu Nomoto My shot in this mag (By Manabu Nomoto for Fine Magazine, Japan. Can't remember the exact issue.) is the one in the lower left hand corner. This is the ending shot to one of the photos in my gallery that wasn't published.
Small Off-The-Wall lip-launch, by Gordinho This is another of Gordinho's shots. This one was taken at Off-The-Wall in late 1995 and published in mid 1996 in BB Life's premiere issue. This day was small, with almost no one else out. I remember thinking how odd it was that Gordinho was shooting, but I'm glad he was there :)
Chubby Pipe, by Joe Libby This photo was taken by Joe Libby at Pipe in 1995, and published in B.I.M. I don't remember this exact wave, but I know I had a stack of them this day. Thanks to Pete Frieden for recommending B.I.M. do an 'Exposed' article on me 8)
Pipe nugget, This is the cover of the premiere issue of BB Life magazine. This shot was taken at Pipe on a smaller afternoon in late 1995, when the crowd was gone. The photographer was grinning from ear to ear as I paddled back out.

I had the cover and some smaller shots inside, but Lanson Ronquilio was THE MAN in this mag. He had something like 48 shots in this magazine alone.


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